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About Us

MDA Productions is a group of experienced wedding photographers and videographers based in Dublin. We immortalise in photo and video the most precious moments of the most unforgettable day in your lives. No photographer/videographer will ever be able to record all the minute details of a wedding. Our promise is to spot the most special features and the finest points, and deliver them to you in the way that you have imagined it during your wedding planning stage. Our goal is that when you relive your wedding day through our lens, you will laugh at the moments that made you cry, and cry at those that made you laugh. We want to encapsulate all the emotions of that day, and be able to freeze those moments for keeping in your hearts and memories.

Our services can be stand-alone wedding photography, videography, or a combination of both. The combination is ideally recommended, as this gives you a more cohesive output. We also do engagement shoots, elopements and destination weddings. Leave your contact details to get a full pricelist.


Our Story

Who we are

MDA Productions is a team of professional and talented wedding photographers and videographers from Dublin who have been capturing special memories for as long as we can remember. We put a lot of passion and love for our work, as much as what every bride and groom dedicate to the preparation and execution of their big day. Each of our team members has his own style and technique in photography and videography, however we have been working together for a long time and the product of our combined creativity is what makes MDA Productions exceptional. We have partnered with dozens of couples in over 10 years, from the most traditional couples to the very spontaneous ones. All those experiences have made our brand and the team immensely versatile and easy to work with.

Our team has been known through word of mouth, way before social media helped us with our business. Our couples recommend us to their family and friends, and their guests would have asked about us and have also availed of our services. This is proof that our work isn’t social media or ads driven -- but raw, personal, and organic, as every wedding documentation should be.

As our tagline says, we tell timeless, elegant stories. Our wedding photos are of the highest quality and our couples can’t stop talking about them. But we’d like to brag that our wedding videography is NEXT LEVEL. Our founder, Mark David Acoba, specializes in creative video and he is the lead photographer and videographer of the group. 


Our style

Our combined approach is a documentary style wedding photography/videography, where we capture the most intimate and special moments in an undirected way, and the outcome is pure and unique. You will not have to worry about our presence, as we blend into the guests well easily. We know that couples would love to enjoy and get lost in the moment so we capture everything for you, from the heartfelt, teary-eyed smiles at the ceremony to the biggest laughter and coolest dance moves at reception.

However, some couples appreciate a bit of direction. We’re glad to say that we can help you with that. Our team is very approachable and flexible, just let us know how you want it to turn out and we’ll lead the way. In saying that, preparations, pre-wedding shoots and engagements take a little more directing, but we always make our sessions fun yet relaxed and the results still come out candid.

The team are Dublin based wedding photographers, but we are open to travel for your wedding photography and videography needs. We have gone around Europe for engagements and elopements, and can arrange a package to cater for your destination wedding. We can go wherever our cameras take us. Get in touch with us to explore your options.

Meet The Team

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